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Abstract : This is world's first multi-functional flying spy robot.By the use of several sensors and jammer circuits, this robot can be operated easily and can discover many things.Moreover this robot has the ability to fly,run and to float in water so I would like to call this as "spy bird".This robot is made in the form of can fly and run through ground level using chain belt wheel. By using several circuits in this robot,user can discover many things and can observe the surroundings.

This is world first robot which flies like a bird and has more than 40 functions.This is completely use different sensors like temperature, humidity,magnetic proximity, infrared,pir,emf,water,gas,fire,carbon monoxide,.....etc..can be worked on user control and thus it help to find out many things and find itself use full in many application such as metal detection,bomb detection,earthquake detection,wireless high voltage detection,sound detection,motion detection,human or animal body detection.....etc.

Our robot can capture,store and send wirelessly 360° photographs and videos using several cameras insulated in it. can also be used as spy camera.ser can engage in a voice communication with a distant person using the FM transmitter and receiver installed


This robot can find and block surrounding signal like mobile signals,FM signals,IR signals,EM signals so it can be used ad a signal jamming device and the robot can be charged using solar energy,wireless charger and by direct plunging.The solar panel inserted in the robot provides battery back up.

The robot's most dangerous advantage is that, it can exploded at emergency situations in user control.


  • Easy operation.

  • Ability to travel through air,water and ground.

  • Can be used in spy works.

  • Help to increase national security.

  • Robot can utilise solar energy to work.

  • Light weight.

  • Ability to store digital videos and images

  • Provides secured data transmission.

  • It can explode by itself.

  • Gives warnings about threats.

  • Gets regular updates about the activities of the robot wireless in the digital display.

  • Rechargeable and long life


1. Security field : Most of the application of our robot comes in security field, with the help of this robot safety of the nation can be increased. Applications under security field are,

  • Army field : This robot can detect bombs, weapons during wars and terrorist attacks. It can block signals and is capable to communicate with a distant person. It can explode by itself and thus good in army field.

  • Cyber security field :Unallowed signals in secure places can be blocked.

  • Fire and Safety field : Gas leakage, high temperature area, gas spread areas can be find out with ease.

  • Forest field: Presence of humans and animals and their movements can be detected and automatic images can be taken. Therefore it helps to increase forest safety such as detection of presence of mavoists and thefts in forests.

2. Electric field : It can sense current passing cables and high voltage wirelessly.

3. Medical field : This robot can find out ECG,pulse rate and body temperature. Based on body . temperature it can be used as a lie detector.

4. Entertainment field : It can shoot and capture images from sky.

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