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Computer Vision
with Robotics

Welcome to Grapes Innotech: Your Gateway to Excellence in Computer Vision with Robotics Training

At Grapes Innotech, we proudly stand as the industry's leading center for comprehensive training in the dynamic fields of computer vision and robotics. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner on your journey towards mastering cutting-edge technologies.

First in India, First in Kerala We proudly present revolutionary tech education in India in Kerala! Explore a groundbreaking range of courses and workshops in artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics, and more.


First time in Kerala

First time in Kerala

We proudly present revolutionary tech education in First time in Kerala!

Simplify Learning

Simplify Learning

Gaining knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Robotics

We like to keep it simple

We like to keep it simple

Experience Hands-On training with our special kits

Dive into multiple projects

Dive into multiple projects

Robotics Gripper, Arm, RGB LED, and Face detection, Etc..

Join us as we pave the way

Join us as we pave the way

Accessible and effective tech education in Kerala and across India.

Focus on Arduino and Python

Focus on Arduino and Python

Gaining a solid foundation in Arduino and Python

What will Learn?

What is an Arduino?

Writing C++ code for Arduino

What is Python language?

Writing Python Code

Introduction to Pycharm and Arduino IDE

Plotting Arduino sensor values

Arduino and Computer-Vision Basics

Face Detection Led control

Arduino theory

RGB LED Control with Face Detection

Arduino Serial Communication with Python

Hand Gesture  with Python

How to connect input devices

Robotic gripper with Arduino and Python

How to connect output devices

Plotting Arduino sensor values

Running LED lights using Arduino and Python

Elbow pose detection with Python

Efficient project wiring

Robotic ARM with Arduino and Python 



with hand gestures


with pose detection 


with pose detection 


with pose detection 


with RGB LED indication

Serial Read


LED Blinking


with LED indication




We like to keep it simple

Introducing Our All-in-One Robotic Kit! Explore the world of robotics with ease using our kit, which includes an Arduino board, servo motor, RGB LED module, robotic arm, robotic gripper, and a wide array of sensors. Unleash your creativity and build amazing robotic projects with all the essential components right at your fingertips.


Workshop in Progress

Interested in Conducting Workshops at Your Institution?

Workshop Mode

  • One, two, or three-day program options

  • Hands-on learning experiences

  • Unlimited participant capacity

  • Provision of up to 20 comprehensive kits for each session

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connectivity

  • Laptop or PC (Laptop recommended)

  • Windows 10 or above operating system

  • 64-bit processor

  • Python 3.7.6

  • Pycharm IDE

  • Arduino IDE


Open to All: Engineering and Even School Students Welcome! This workshop is suitable for engineering students and even school students. It's an inclusive learning opportunity for learners of all ages and backgrounds.


All participants will receive a Certificate of Merit from Grapes Innotech, accessible through our website. Students can easily download their certificates as a testament to their achievements in our program.

Payment Options 

1 Day

One-day training: 300 INR per head.

2 Day

Two-day training: 500 INR per head.

3 Day

Three-day training: 1000 INR per head.


Office Training (Personalized): 3000 INR per head for two days of hands-on sessions.

2 Days
3 Days
Introduction to Arduino
Introduction to Computer Vision
Overview of Robotics
Writing C++ code for Arduino
Introduction to C++ and Python
Writing Python Code
Arduino Serial Communication with Python
How to connect input, output devices
Running Led Lights using Arduino and Python
Project 1 - Face Detection Led control
Face Recognition with python
RGB led control with Python
Project 2 - Hand Gestures
Controlling a Servo Motor with Arduino
Controlling a Servo Motor with Python
Hand gestures are used to control the robotic arm
Serial Reading of Potentiometer Values with Python
Create Potentiometer graphics
Create Led blink graphics
Project 3 - Arm Elbow pose detection
Gripper setup in Arduino
Elbow angle finder in Python
Communication between Python and Gripper
Robotic Gripper Control with Hand-Like Fingers: A Robotics Project

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