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What is this workshop about?

Quadcopter (from Quad “four” and Copter “helicopter”) is an aerial robot combining a simple propeller mechanism with powerful electronics for limitless real-world applications. It is an embedded system comprising of microcontrollers, sensors, flight gear and other integrated components.

This workshop helps participants to develop a Quadcopter project from scratch while understanding the various engineering concepts in making a working Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Developing a Quadcopter provides the right kind of hands-on application that an Engineering student needs!

Course Highlights

  • Build and Test your own Quadcopter

  • Introduction to design and development of Multi Rotor Vehicles

  • Understanding the Electronics circuitry involved in Quadrotor

  • Learn about Stability and Control of Drones

  • Learn about the working of sensors like Accelerometer and Gyroscopes

  • Hands-on experience on DC motors, ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers) and Quadcopter Embedded control board

Course Structure

  • Lecture Session - 4 hrs

  • Design Session - 1 hr

  • Fabrication Session - 6 hrs

  • Calibration Session - 1 hr

  • Testing Session all drones designed by the participants are flown by an expert flyer of Team grapes innotech- 3 hrs

  • Certificate Distribution - 1 hr

Topics Covered

  • Multirotor Vehicles - Introduction

  • Understanding rotary-wing aircraft and their dynamics

  • Design of the Structure

  • Stability & Control of Drones

  • Algorithm of the control systems

Kit Content

  • Embedded Development Board

  • Brushless DC motors

  • Propellers (Pushers and Pullers)

  • Electronic Speed Controllers

  • Power Distribution Board

  • Accelerometer sensors

  • Gyroscopic sensors

  • Quadrotor frame

  • Screws and Nuts

  • Transmitter *

  • Receiver *

  • Working tools *



All the above components would be provided during the program to participants in groups of 5 but would be taken back at the end. This is being done to reduce the cost of the program and make it affordable for students who do not want to buy the take-away kit.

Take-away kit consists of all the above items excluding the items marked with. Take-away kit can be purchased at the venue by paying an additional fee of ₹19,500.



kit price : 19500/

Hands on Workshop

25000/batch   for cc3d flight controller 

students limit : 20-40

kits/ parts       : 5-kits ( return )

requirements  : 1 laptop/ batch 

Non-Hands on Workshop 


students limit : 20-100

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