Future startups oriented internship program

                       Startups have always been hard. Even when you think you are putting in your best, it may not be enough to pull it off. Truthfully, most people fail. But don't give up on your dream just yet. If you really believe that you have something amazing to share with the world (and there is a market for it), go for it. Don't be discouraged by the number of times you have tried and failed, but be inspired by the number of people who have failed and bounced back as successful entrepreneurs.

The training program is useful for all those who are interested in finding themselves self-employed and improving their own ideas

It's a useful training program for creating new ideas, self-employment and future entrepreneurs. Participants will get more knowledge in the following syllabus



Introduction on

  • open source software

  • startup & Entrepreneurs

  • drone technology

  • self-balancing Robot

  • website design

  • app development

  • IDE & microcontroller

  • embedded system

  • digital marketing

Idea development

  • Building prototype

  • fund raising

  • marketing tools

  • Make a team

Future start-ups ideas

  • electronic & Robotics

  • non-technical start-ups

 For institution training

Training Period       -   2 or 3 days 

Students limit          -   25 minimum

Amount to be Pay   -  1500₹/head

Certificate                -  Certificate of Merit for all

                                      the participants from

                                      grapes innotech or institutional 

We bring the model kit and parts to get more practical knowledge


 For OFFICE training

Training Period       -   5 days 

Amount to be Pay   -  1900₹/head

Certificate                -  Certificate of Merit for all 

                                    the participants from

                                    grapes innotech

Use model kit and parts to get more practical knowledge from our lab